Are you interested in getting involved with our organization as we get set up and going?  We are looking for individuals to serve as teachers, or mentors really, to our students and help get our self-sustaining farm site set up.  We are not necessarily looking for people with teaching degrees, but rather people who are passionate about living freely with other like-minded individuals and sharing their talents and knowledge.

Whether you are a single millenial, disenchanted with society and not using that expensive degree, have a trade but are tired of the rat race, or are a family looking to move off grid but still have a sense of community and friends for your kiddos you could be just who we are looking for to join our community.

We operate as a board, which is made up of all adults on site.  We use a consensus decision-making process, and the ability and willingness to work within this framework is essential for all staff. We all receive the same modest salary, regardless of experience along with housing and the shared fruits of our farming labors.

Please email your resume or cv along with this mentor application to thehaddeninstitute@gmail.com to announce your interest and start the conversation about joining.