The Beginning

You, fortunate soul that you are, have come across the very first post of this new blog! We have to start somewhere, and this is it.  Today is a Saturday and Halloween no less, but that the learning stops!  As life learners we don’t have a set schedule for when learning can occur and see everything we do as a chance to learn something.

The big focus on learning around here lately has been in the kitchen.  The children just cannot get enough of learning how to cook and bake and have been planning and executing several food projects each day for the last week.  Today they helped me prepare the roast for dinner by learning how to thinly slice onion, and then decided that chocolate cupcakes with Oreo filling and white icing sounded good for dinner.  The cupcakes are currently cooling and they are preparing to make the filling and icing as I type.  This baking is not only teaching them a valuable life skill, but they are also mastering processes that will make chemistry lab work easier for them if they become interested in that field and are getting a great math workout with all of the measuring, converting, and halving measurements in their heads.

It can be difficult to wrap our heads around life learning when we have been indoctrinated throughout our lives to see learning as a set schedule of lectures, but when we do the results can be liberating and empowering.  Not to say that we do not often have lectures over material in which the students have shown an interest or they need clarification, because we do, there is also a lot of “on the job” learning as we perform activities of interest.  In this way the students feel like they have the power to learn anything they can conceive and are not bogged down by introduced material during lecture time since they can see how it relates to their own interests and endeavors.

Now I’m off to assist the little chefs in icing their cupcakes and then maybe some family meditation time before enjoying our roast tonight.  Have a wonderful Halloween all and visit again to see how our blog develops and evolves!


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